Pre Paid Credit Card

A Pre Paid Credit Card may be a viable option for people with bad credit or no credit. There are times when one must have a credit card. One you just need to get a way for holiday and would like to hire a car. You have to have a credit card to do so. A Pre Paid Credit Card can provide the option you need. You can often time pay as you go. There are often times, a vendor or transaction pay, in getting a Pre Paid Credit Card. Once the card is activated, in order to be able to use it, the cardholder, has to deposit funds and the amount of Pounds needed for a specific purchase or amount of time, onto the card. A person interested a Pre Paid Credit Card should in engage in comparison shopping. It’s very wise to get comparative information on the various Visa and Master Cards.


Some companies that offer Pre Paid Credit cards, to customers, charge user fees and or transaction fees. Therefore it’s very wise to compare the companies that offer these cards, to get the best possible card for your specific needs. With some of these cards, your wages can be deposited directly onto these cards.


Cashplus Gold Activeplus offers a card that only costs a few pounds to activate it. For the first 3 months after the first day, the card is activated, the card is free to use, no fees are taken out of the card when it’s used during the first 3 months. Many of the different cards, offer reward points, that can be used as cash credit on the card, or for buying various products. Many of them, in conjunction with businesses and or products, offer ‘reward points’, and deep discounts when buying products and services. Different companies offer different deals so shop around.

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